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Project’s economic program and roles of digital assets.

Next, we provide users an extremely valuable information. We ask all users of the community (and the crypto community in general) to read this document, to understand and analyze the economic guidelines of the Umbrella Project.

There is much to explain, so we ask you to read comfortably and analyze all the content contained in this document, which will be very useful, not only to clear up doubts, but also to establish a risk assessment and analyze the positioning of assets through investments, understanding the vision of the development team, and the scope of this economic program.

As we have mentioned opportunely in our Whitepaper (and it is written) -see ‘Our Vision’- when our project was launched to the community in the month of August 2021, we have highlighted that it would be different from all the others, knowing that in the NFT game market there was a high percentage of projects that were scams. Projects without development, without their own application, without support, with very low-cost images or animations, without their own Marketplace, without security, which only influenced the positive decisions of users to invest in them due to their importance in social networks and advertising campaigns creating a lot of FOMO and false expectations.

But all (or almost all) collapsed, for various reasons:

One of the reasons was the impossibility of sustaining a stable and competitive financial ecosystem, launching volatile tokens, where speculation reigned, harming the gaming ecosystem. And they were NFT game projects!

Another reason was the manipulation of assets in a negative and intentional way, which ended up in Rug Pulls, harming their entire community. The lack of investment in these projects already announced what would happen later, but the community was not aware of it.

That is why at Umbrella Project, we have thought (and will continue to do so) in every detail, whether it be financially in terms of economic growth, versatility and sustainability over time, as well as in the quality of the products we have presented, and we are developing. We have designed a long-term project (period of 5 years), because we believe that it is the only way to generate a sustainable ecosystem over time, with sustainable and constant growth, avoiding financial bubbles, common in these times. We group a highly specialized team to carry out the most challenging tasks.

At Umbrella Project we have developed the following interactive ecosystem:

1. An own platform (Decentralized Application where users can register, enter their account and view all the products and content of the project. This platform is provided by Amazon Web Services S3 and EC2, with Cloudflare security and Web3 and Json blockchain encryption, with a processing capacity (CPU) that supports up to 2 million hosted users interacting in real time.

2. An own Marketplace (Offer and Demand Free Market System) where users exchange NFTs by trading with the stable currency BUSD (Binance-PEG coin BEP20), without the intervention of the Umbrella Project team.

3. Own smart contracts NFT, UMBLCore and Marketplace, without intermediary platforms.

4. Development of the gaming ecosystem entirely designed in Unreal Engine 4, with ultra-realistic graphics for an immersive gaming experience.

Umbrella Vaccination Program Marketing Promotion

The quality of our ecosystem is what sets us apart from the rest. All this development was carried out with the money raised in the IDO phase, under the ‘crowdfunding’ modality. Since the launch of the project, it has invested in high-level professionals, full stack blockchain programmers, web developers, video game developers in Unreal Engine, animators, 3d modelers in Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, producers, sound engineers, set designers, designers. interface, economists, marketing experts, social media advertising, and audiovisual content companies. That is why we emphasize the importance of the users who participated in the IDO phase of the UMBL token. Without them, today we would not be able to count on these characteristics.

The following should be noted: there are users who want to play, and at the same time earn money. We cannot allow users outside of these preferences to ruin that view and harm those users. Because Umbrella Project is an NFT GAME project. That is why it is extremely necessary to separate the concepts from the user who wants to play, invest their time and money, and obtain sustainable rewards over time, from the user who only wants to speculate, without caring about the game at all. From the development team, we have analyzed it deeply, and we have decided to create a hybrid ecosystem, where player users are not harmed by users who do not want to participate in the game, but where the latter can also be part of an ecosystem in which they can obtain benefits, and live together that way.

Next, we will explain in detail what the financial and economic processes of the Umbrella Project will consist of, once again transmitting our mission, vision and commitment to the entire global cryptocurrency community:

At the Umbrella Project, so far, we have announced only one token, $UMBL. The token contract can be found at the following link:


The UMBL token will be a utility token, due to its characteristics in its contract. (See Tokenomics in Whitepaper)

The utility of the UMBL token will be as follows:

1.1. Acquisition of Biocrates:
Supply chests — called Biocrates — are the ones that contain random NFT items, based on their characteristic and rarity. Users will be able to purchase them for optimal in-game results. Currently, there are FOUR (04) BIOCRATES, divided into TWO (02) factions: SURVIVORS and UMBRELLA OPS, which can be purchased through our application by paying with BUSD (Binance-Peg Coin BEP20). Once all the pre-sale phases of the UMBL token are finished, there will be only ONE (01) chest per faction: ONE (01) from SURVIVORS, and ONE (01) from UMBRELLA OPS, where they will contain NFT items of the following rarities: COMMON, UNCOMMON, UNIQUE and RARE. The EPIC, LEGENDARY and MYTHICAL rarities will only be available as rewards, through a DROP system, only available if the user has any of the plots (maps) equipped.

1.2 City Land Plots: Function and characteristic.The City Land Plots are individual maps, where users will have to play to obtain rewards in UMBL tokens and drops of nft objects of EPIC, LEGENDARY and MYTHIC rarities. The user will only be able to obtain items of these rarities through the game on plot maps, if they own any. You can get all kinds of plots that exist, because these will be different game maps, each one of them differing by its drop percentage, which will be higher or lower. Once the pre-sale stages of the UMBL utility token are completed, the City Land Plots will be acquired at a higher price than the one they had in the pre-sale stage (above 100%) by paying with BUSD.

1.3 Rewards in UMBL Utility token:

Players will get rewards in UMBL tokens, for their participation in all available game versions (currently in development), which will be informed once the development of them is finished. Creating a game with an AAA feature is not easy at all, so it requires many hours of work and dedication, which we have shown to this day. With the UMBL tokens that users receive as a reward, they will be able to:

A. Buy BIOCRATES -NFT Objects-

B. Level up game characters, in order to unlock new abilities and features that will help players to solve the situations that arise.

C. Exchange them, through our application (Swap function) for the security token, with a specific conversion ratio, resulting from the amount of total liquidity of the stock token, and the number of active players or investors in the project. The greater the number of total users, the smaller the exchange gap will be and it will have an exponential function in dynamic terms of growth, so this parity will vary.


Because it is a utility token, that is, it will be used to carry out internal transactions within the application, the UMBL token will not have added liquidity, to avoid fluctuations and volatility, preserving NFT objects, the fundamental bastion of our project; and this, in turn avoiding harming the players. Below, we explain to users why we have decided to do it this way:

All nft games that have had a single exchange token (free to trade) to play and earn in-game rewards — and have had good intentions — have failed due to their high volatility. Users would purchase these in-game tokens, paying with a stablecoin or other exchange, and then transact in-game (purchase nft items, etc). The problem with this is that if the token becomes unstable (generated by the decisions of users who do not play, they only speculate) the NFT objects of the game would be radically affected by said volatility. Several projects to try to solve this have tried to create liquidity pools, and the STAKE function, to motivate holders not to sell those assets, but it has not been sustainable either, because the problem lies in the cause, not in the result.

At Umbrella Project, we propose a solution to this problem: have TWO (02) tokens. ONE (01) of utility -UMBL- for internal transactions of the application (Exchange function for the security token, through the project application. Not tradable in exchanges or outside the project application) and ONE (01) security [KILLER] (tradeable, representing project actions). This security token will, in turn, be the one that will be listed on the exchanges.


The Painkiller Security Token [KILLER] represents the total shares of the Umbrella Project.


KILLER is successfully validated in BSCSCAN. Please ensure that you’re in the correct contract.

The stages of this security token will be the following:

1. Release on Launchpad — Presale (with KYC verification, equipment supply block, collaborator supply block, anti-rug pull system, anti-whale system):

The DEX platform that will be used to carry out said event will be announced in the coming weeks. There will be only one presale stage for a limited time. Once it is finished, the Launchpad platform will grant liquidity to the token and people will be able to exchange it freely. This token will have a vesting period of 60 days, for collaborators and partners of the project. It is important to note that the presale price (before launch) will have a promotional value.

2. Launch on Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Platforms:

The security token will be listed on centralized exchanges (such as Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase, Huobi Global, Bitmart, among others) and decentralized exchange platforms (Poocoin, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, among others). It will be available for purchase and free availability, at the end of the presale stage on the Launchpad.

3. Swap function integration in the Umbrella Portal

Through the Umbrella Project Portal ( players will be able to exchange their UMBL utility tokens for KILLER tokens, and vice versa, at a specified exchange rate.


The Painkiller security token [KILLER] is the one that will hold the Umbrella Project’s overall liquidity. The total supply of this token will be 10,000,000 KILLER.

IMPORTANT: New KILLER tokens cannot be created (exceeding the total supply), due to their fixed supply nature.

Economic characteristics of the security token [KILLER]:

Ticker: $KILLER
Initial supply: 4,000,000 KILLER
Total SUPPLY (MAX): 10,000,000 KILLER

In the coming weeks, we will announce the details of the launch of the Painkiller [KILLER] security token. The launch price will be informed through the DEX Launchpad platform.

In this way, we show users a detailed scheme of how the interaction between the UMBL utility token and the KILLER security token will be through the Umbrella Portal (dAPP), this being the financial ecosystem of the project:

I hope that the information provided has been useful for all users, and as always, we appreciate your participation.

Best Regards,

Umbrella Project Team



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