Umbrella Project Game Alpha Launch

Advances in the development of our game project

We are very happy to present to all users the alpha of our long-awaited game. As you know, developing a game is not easy, especially if it works 100% with NFT objects in blockchain technology.

The download is now public, in the following link:

Also, this Alpha version we will able in most popular games apps soon.

For those who don’t know, the alpha version of the game is usually only seen and shared between the developers of the project, not its audience. But from day one we have shown total transparency in every step we take.

So, we ask users to download and test it. We have been working for several months (and we are still developing) the final version of the game.

We thank the users of our community for their patience and commitment to the project. Since the Umbrella Project was born, many projects have been launched. Most have failed. That is why we present an NFT project with blockchain technology with a sustainable economy over time, where users will not have to worry about the volatility of game assets.

We have designed an innovative financial system (which we will announce very soon), through which competitiveness and immersion reign.

At this time, we are developing the maps of the lands, which can be selected by users to play, according to their acquisition.

Don’t worry, there are lands for everyone, because we have developed a sustainable ecosystem, in which the number of lands does not affect the economy of the game. We will introduce it to you soon.

Some details of our game:

1- Object inspect 360° view: some objects will have hidden puzzles that will help solve them. inspect all objects carefully.

2- Gun system: users will need to acquire the weapons they will use in the game, by opening Biocrates. Ammunition in the game will be found in random places, but be very careful because it is very scarce.

3- In-game Inventory System: users will have an inventory within the game. They must be responsible when it comes to carrying the objects they need, since space is very limited.

4- Map environment: users will have to solve puzzles, open doors, decipher riddles, manage resources and everything you need to survive and escape.

IMPORTANT: from this moment on, the presale of BIOCRATES and LAND PLOTS is enabled. This will be the last opportunity in the history of the project to be able to purchase these products at a promotional presale price.

Thank you for being part of Umbrella Project! We hope you enjoy the experience.

Best Regards,

Umbrella Project Team



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Umbrella Project

Umbrella Project

Umbrella Project is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token that innovates using Gaming and Finance NFTs.