Public Sale Starting Date

Announcement of Public Sale start.

We are very proud to present the latest pre-sale phase of our UMBL token.

Umbrella Project is growing a lot, and we owe all this effort to our community, who have been with us since August 2021, watching our project grow.

I remember when everything was just an idea, where there were many things to adjust.

We have seen with our own eyes, projects that have been launched at the same time as the Umbrella Project, and have already failed, hurting their investors.

Since its inception, the Umbrella Project has supported a sustainable and long-term financial ecosystem, in accordance with our vision of how things should be, so as not to violate the rights of the participants over time.

Today it is a reality. I am convinced that our game will be one of the best NFT ecosystems in the world, and our team works tirelessly to make it so.

Next, users will be able to know the details of this last pre-sale phase of our UMBL token:

Ticker: $UMBL
Token Contract:
Public Sale Token Price: 1 UMBL = 0.12 BUSD
Public Sale Starts: April 09, 2022 00.00 UTC
Hard Cap: 40,800,000 BUSD
Soft Cap: 408,000 BUSD
Available Supply for Public Sale: 8.5% (340,000,000 UMBL)
Role Of Token: Utility

Note: all remaining tokens that have not been purchased will be burned.

Public sale will be available in our dAPP in the ‘Presale’ section.

To expand the power of our token around the world, we have decided to implement a REFERRAL SYSTEM through which all users will be able to earn direct profits from the total liquidity. It is a powerful marketing tool, where users will be able to make the most of its capacity.


Q: Any user can refer?
A: Yes, user have to open an account and login in for free. Then go to Profile section, and select ‘REFERRALS’ button to see their referral code to share between friends.

Q: If I haven’t purchased NFT items, can I use the referral system tool?
A: Yes, it’s available for all users, whether or not they have acquired nft items.

Q: Is there a limited number of people I can refer?
A: No, there isn’t set a limited number of users to refer. You can refer as many people as you want.

Q: When do I get referral rewards and in what currency?
A: Users who register with your referral code and participate in the public sale will obtain the amount of UMBL tokens according to their purchase. The referring user will get a reward of 10% on the total amount of the referred user’s purchase. Payment is instantly send to your Metamask wallet and payment currency is BUSD.

Q: Do I have to pay for the transaction cost to receive those BUSD?
A: No, the transaction cost will be absorbed by the remaining liquidity, therefore, you do not have to pay a transaction cost.

Referral System Rewards

We have high-ranking marketing professionals, with immense experience in massive marketing plans, so we have developed this referral system especially to expand our project to the fullest, in a Win-To-Win system, where as the project grows , users take earnings for inviting their friends.

I hope that this valuable information will help users to get the most out of the rewards offered by the referral system, unique in the blockchain world.

Best Regards,

Ryu Nakata
Umbrella Project Team



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