We give you the details of why the Launchpad has canceled it.

We officially announce to all users, that the KILLER token presale on Pinksale Launchpad has been cancelled. This was due to the fact that the collection of said pre-sale has not been enough to reach the soft cap of 148 BNB.

Yesterday we held a meeting with the Umbrella Project corporate, who after a long deliberation, we agree to continue with the following:

  • ✅​We have released the funds of those collaborators who participated in the pre-sale of the KILLER token in Pinksale so that they can claim their investment capital.
  • ✅​The PAINKILLER [KILLER] token will be listed directly on Pancakeswap with the traditional method. The enlistment date will be next Sunday, June 05, 2022. From this date the token can be traded freely. The initial supply of 1,000,000 KILLER will be available on Pancakeswap. It will be the initial supply of the KILLER token. Once the EXCHANGE SUPPLY is unlocked (since July 01, 2022) the undistributed tokens from the initial supply will be burned.
  • ​✅ ​​The MINTING function has been finished. No new tokens can be created, which is why the full supply of 10,000,000 KILLER was successfully created and locked for time lapses.​
  • ✅​The team supply (600,000 KILLER) has been locked🔒​ with the following scheme: 200,000 KILLER will be released each year (33% of total equipment supply), starting on June 5, 2023. Then another 200,000 KILLER will be released on June 05, 2024, and the last 200,000 KILLER will be released on 05 June 2025, completing the total.

⚠️Only the 1,000,000 KILLER initial supply remains unlocked at this time and is available for trade on Pancakeswap. Once the EXCHANGE SUPPLY is released on July 01, 2022, and the undistributed tokens held in Pancakeswap are burned, we will relinquish the ownership of the token.⚠️

🔒​Token Lockup details🔒​

📉​What is happening with crypto market?​💣​

As everyone knows and is public knowledge, the cryptocurrency market has fallen sharply in recent weeks. The crypto world has suffered the biggest scam in the history of cryptocurrencies through the LUNA ecosystem, which is why it has generated a crash of all actions in the crypto market.

On the other hand, the NFT market has been falling for several months (even long before the crypto market crash). But at Umbrella Project we don’t lose hope, because this is what it’s all about.

Our dream is not negotiable, that is why despite these storms and earthquakes, we are still standing, moving forward.
The investments that we will make from now on will be based on the number of effective users that the project has, and the scope that the project has within the crypto market, so as not to waste money on things that will not add up at all, and will cause the project to stall.

Best regards,

Umbrella Project Team



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Umbrella Project

Umbrella Project

Umbrella Project is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token that innovates using Gaming and Finance NFTs.