We’ve locked LP tokens for more security.

We officially announce that we have made a blockade of the KILLER/BUSD pair for greater security and confidence of the users.

🔒​What does it mean?🔒​

This means that the tokens in the Liquidity Pool have been locked. From now on, the developer will not be able to dispose or cancel the KILLER/BUSD pair or withdraw it, keeping the liquidity. This can not be done.

✅Avoid Rug-pulls
✅Brings more security
✅Give more transparency
✅Is more serious


For users knowledge:

Regarding the unlocked wallet holding LP % messages

When you see a message like this. It is only possible for it to appear on wallet addresses (non-contracts).

If a dev tells you that the wallet holding the LP is a locked address, they are lying to you. The script that creates this message checks that it is a wallet.

It often comes from tokens that are coded to create LP from everyones tx fees and send that LP to the dev wallet.

Some tokens that create LP from tx fees will send those LP straight to the burn address, in those cases the message will never appear because the burn address is not counted as a wallet. Other tokens will send the LP to the unlocked dev wallet that deployed the contract, where they have the ability to remove the LP at any time.

In these cases, the % they hold will continue to rise forever as the amount they can obtain from everyones tx fees is unlimited, leaving it up to the dev to choose when to do their rugpull.

You can click on the red message to view the list of LP holders and verify yourself that the holder is a wallet by checking if the icon below doesn’t appear next to it:

You should see this icon on LP contract.

Again, if after verifying yourself that a wallet is holding the LP, the dev still tells you that it is a lock contract, they are lying to you.

Thanks for trust in Umbrella Project!




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Umbrella Project is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token that innovates using Gaming and Finance NFTs.