Alpha Update is here!

We’ve repaired some issues in our alpha version.

We have released our alpha game version. We remind users that video game development companies do not usually distribute this version, since it is only available to developers, not to the community.

From the first day we have shown transparency in our behavior -and we will continue to do so-. That is why this version is available for community users.

You can download the updated Alpha version at the following link:

Also, it’s available on ITCH.IO:

For the best experience, we recommend playing it FULLSCREEN by pressing the F11 key once you launch the game.

NOTE: search the entire mansion, there are important objects.

Next, we show you some screenshots of the graphic quality of our project:

Our project will revolutionize NFT games -and the entire blockchain market- globally. We are developing a graphics engine based on Unreal Engine 5, with insane graphics, which will produce an extremely immersive gaming experience for users.

We are working on the game development day by day, which takes many hours of dedication.

Now, users can participate of our special Airdrop Event before Public Sale (last presale of history) is launched. We’ve a surprise for users using the secret code access found in game to earn additional points in Airdrop challenge.

We thank all users for their support in this process, and we invite everyone to live this unique experience in the NFT world.

Best Regards,

Umbrella Project Team



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Umbrella Project

Umbrella Project

Umbrella Project is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token that innovates using Gaming and Finance NFTs.