Airdrop Event has ended

Thanks to all who has participated in this special event

We officially announce that the Airdrop event is over.
Next, we share with all the users of our community, a screenshot with the winners of this event (CSV Exported File).

Congratulations for all the Winners! 🏆

1st Prize 🏆 An ammount of 3,000 UMBL tokens

2nd Prize 🏆 An ammount of 470 UMBL tokens

Airdrop Terms & Conditions

🏅The 10 best participants with a minimum of 32 shares will win the prize #1

🏅Top 1,000 entrants with a minimum of 25 shares will win prize #2.

🏆Winners will be contacted individually within 60 days. at the end of the Participation Period to deliver the Airdrops.

✅The organizer can advance the end date of the event.

Everything is ready for the launch of the last pre-sale phase of the UMBL token (Public Sale).

Public Sale Start at April 09, 2022 00.00 UTC.
Users can participate in our dAPP in Public Sale Section.

Get advantage using your referral code to share with friends and get loot of BUSD per purchase transaction made. You can find it in User’s Profile section -> ‘Referrals’.

Best Regards,

Umbrella Project Team



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